Rage 2 Officially Announced

Posted May 16, 2018

After a recent leak on Walmart Canada's website, Rage 2 had its secret blown with many believing its announcement wasn't intended until this year's Bethesda E3 conference.

Not every single aspect was a success - although the in-game trading card game was way better than it had any right to be - but it was a high-profile triple-A game that had a team behind that were not afraid to take chances. However, you are never alone in RAGE 2, as mutants and gangs lurk in dense foliage, and passing cars in open deserts are more likely mow you down than give you a ride. If you think Mad Max on Peyote meets a turbo-charged Fallout 4 then you won't be too far from what to expect from Rage 2. After an asteroid takes out 80% of the earth's population, bloodthirsty gangs prowl the open roads and a tyrannical organization called the Authority rules.

In the game players will play as Walker, one of the last Rangers of the dreaded wastelands.

Rage 2 was officially confirmed yesterday when Bethesda revealed the first teaser trailer ahead of E3 2018.

Bethesda has a lot more to show you from RAGE 2. While it is hard to draw a conclusion from just this one series of scenes, the clip immediately shows that Rage 2 has more character and tries to be more charming than its predecessor.

Bethesda has released a live-action and CG trailer for Rage 2, the sequel to Id Software's 2011 post-apocalyptic shooter.

Given this publisher's push to get games on Nintendo's console after the original release, we are hopeful that it will make it there eventually.

It's the ideal mix: id Software's first-person shooter pedigree, Avalanche Studios' mastery of the open world sandbox, with a healthy dose of pedal-to-the-metal vehicle combat. It looks quite a bit more colorful than the previous Rage, at the very least.

There is now a gameplay trailer and release window set for the game.

Avalanche Founder and Chief Creative Officer (CCO) Christofer Sundberg clarified that once and for all via Twitter - RAGE 2 is indeed powered by the Apex engine, the same one used in all their titles from Mad Max to Just Cause and theHunter. The game seems to have several warring factions mowing each other down in pure mayhem.