GOTHAM's Renewed For Shortened Final Season

Posted May 15, 2018

As reported by Deadline, FOX has released its schedule for the 2018/2019 season and it reveals that the final outing of the Batman-related series will kick off early next year.

The final season of Gotham is expected to air in midseason and it will focus on Bruce Wayne finally turning into the Batman. "Gotham" averages 3.7 million viewers and 1.2 in the 18-49 demo.

News of Gotham getting 13 more episodes to wrap up the series (and bump its episode count to 100 for the requisite syndication sales) was surprising, especially after Lucifer was cancelled after three seasons.

The show premiered in 2014 and had several creative ups and downs, but found its footing by midway through the second season. Indeed, syndication can be a lucrative venture, and no doubt Warner Bros.

While the show was anticipated as a gritty cop drama about James Gordon, it was actually revealed to be a very silly comic book series, complete with outlandish villains and consistently over-the-top moments.

Executive producer Danny Cannon told that the season four finale, which follows the story of "No Man's Land", will restructure the direction of the series' final episodes.

Following several concerns and speculations about a potential cancellation, fans would be glad to know that Gotham will be returning this fall. The current fourth season has received the lowest ratings yet, forcing the network to move the weekly airings to Thursday instead of Monday nights.

There was another part of the announcement from Fox, though, and it is that the fifth season will also be its last.