Tragedy in Margaret River

Posted May 14, 2018

Speaking outside the Margaret River police station Cockman said he felt "tremendous sadness" over the death of his children.

"A police chaplain is in attendance to provide support to all persons, officers and others that are impacted by what has happened".

In Port Arthur, 35 people were shot dead by a lone gunman, Martin Bryant, who remains in prison.The shootings led to a comprehensive overhaul of Australia's gun laws, which drastically cut gun-related crime. I'm tremendously sad but I'll get through this'. In some ways there's not much else that I can see from the outside that could have been done'.

"He's still at that age where he still sleeps with Kat and I was told "yes", he was in Kat's bed".

Mr Cockman had been estranged from his wife and the children's mother Katrina for some time.

"Peter didn't snap, he thought this through", he said, reported 9News.

"I have extensive handyman abilities and experience with a wide variety of farm equipment, can fix fences, and can tidy up the property from storm damage", the advertisement said. "How the hell Peter did that I still can't figure out, but if someone did it ... he did a good job, he did a really good job". I still love who he was but his mental attitude. They will bounce back, it's a strong community, but at times like this it's important it comes together, and it's not a sign of weakness if you're suffering mental health problems to seek help. "I'll get them back some day", Peter and Cynda, that is.

Earlier, authorities confirmed three guns found at the Margaret River property where an entire family was found dead belonged to the property owner, Peter Miles.

Police Commissioner Chris Dawson stated Mr Miles was licensed to personal the weapons and investigators weren't on the lookout for every other suspects, however key forensic proof was nonetheless being combed by means of.

Grandfather Peter Miles, 61, is suspected of murdering his entire family before turning the gun on himself in Osmington, east of the Margaret River in WA on Friday. Now a shadow hangs over the community as people struggle to come to terms with the deaths of three adults and four children in a murder-suicide Friday morning.

"This devastating tragedy will no doubt have a lasting impact on the families concerned, the whole community and, in particular, the local communities in our southwest", the police commissioner told reporters. "These tragedies take their toll on everybody".

Osmington is a collection of a few streets, farms, vacation accommodations and vineyards supplying the premium winemaking district known as Margaret River. Her children were all home-schooled there.

Relatives of the victims also released a statement Saturday asking for privacy and saying they were "devastated by this shocking event" and "trying to understand how this could happen". A friend of the family, who is in the same home-schooling network, said the children were on the autism spectrum.