Kyle Dubas named Toronto Maple Leafs new general manager

Posted May 14, 2018

Kyle Dubas was named general manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs Friday, yet less than one year ago the possibility of him leaving the organization briefly arose.

Who is Dubas, and why does his ascension to GM, as a replacement for former longtime New Jersey Devils exec Lou Lamoriello, mark such a significant change of pace for the Maple Leafs?

Dubas joined the team as assistant GM in July 2014. Most expected President Brendan Shanahan to choose Dubas or Mark Hunter, another assistant GM with the team.

"It's a very young group as it is now", Dubas said Friday.

The question now for the Leafs organization is whether there will be fallout from the decision to hire Dubas. If we're talking experience, well, Dubas has been in leadership roles with successful franchises in the OHL, AHL and National Hockey League for eight years now - as long or longer than executives like Ferguson and Bowman were before they became GMs. Marie Greyhounds. Lamoriello replaced Nonis the following summer on a three-year contract. "We have lots of decisions to make, and we'll take our time and go through our normal off-season as any team would". The 32-year-old Dubas is an advocate of analytics and succeeds 75-year-old Lou Lamoriello. In fact, Dubas said he relied on Lamoriello for support then.

Dubas is now the second youngest GM in Maple Leafs' history, two years older than Gord Stellick, who was 30 when given the position in 1988.

"To watch him over the last four years grow, to watch him work under some really esteemed people in our business - no job was too big for Kyle, no job was too small for Kyle", Shanahan said.

Dubas, like other analytically-inclined GMs who rose to the top of a front office at a young age, such as Theo Epstein with the Red Sox or Daryle Morey with the Houston Rockets, has gotten a reputation as a "Computer Boy" but The Toronto Star explained that the moniker isn't entirely accurate.