Biggest Changes & Features Coming to Android P

Posted May 13, 2018

The app is available on Android, iOS and the web, and anyone is able to use it, all you need is a Google account to sign in. Moreover, it's a good idea to update to the latest version of the Google Play Store to keep up with the latest Google Play protect scanned apps, so that any malicious app doesn't get filtered on your old version, which might have been later identified in the new algorithms of this latest version.

These are just some of the biggest and most important changes coming to Android P. The Google I/O sure put out a lot of details and new technologies that we want to tell you all about. The firm made several announcements about Android P that were aimed at getting users to - believe it or not - use their phones even less than our phone-addicted generation already does.

If you use the Do Not Disturb mode in Android P, you will then be given an option to make the notifications disappear from the screen completely. You can ask for refund within 48 hours of app or game purchase.

You can not just open the app by ignoring the time limit either. When the time expires, the app gets grayed out.

"Based on our research, we know that people feel tethered to their devices", Pichai said.

The Actions and Slices app features may be hard to grasp at the moment because there aren't many examples to point to. One of the alternatives termed "Disable sounds & vibrations" can enable you to disable all telling noises from the YouTube to get Android app to get a specific period of time. Note down the Order number that is sent to your mail at the time of the app or game purchase. There are various time options in between (see the screenshot at right).

Another useful new feature is the so-called "scheduled digest". When you search for an app in Google's search bar, you'll be shown a "slice" of a common action for that app. You will not see any notifications on the lock screen or within the notification drawer.