Auntie Says: Celebrate all women this Mother's Day

Posted May 13, 2018

She begins to doubt that she can really be that clever about her child. In 1914, Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation designating Mother's Day as a national holiday to honour mothers after US Congress passed a law designating. What do they think about your character? A mother is the only person in the world whose love is very much pure and unlimited for her children. They are warriors, they are heroes. At its core motherhood is a sacrifice, and how do we truly appreciate such sacrifice? Whether you are ready or not, when these children come, that's literally what they are - blessings.

"Rhonda feeds me. She checks up on me and she's helped me through lots of times where I've just sat in her office and cried - so she just takes really good care of all of the students".

I've been in the fortunate position to offer significant assistance to my hardworking mom in the completion of our family home in Itsoseng; where I grew up for the first four years of my life - and the place she now proudly calls home. In fact Proverbs 31:16-18 praises the virtuous mother who buys a field, plants a vineyard, and works hard to sell her wares to merchants. God has been so gracious to my family for sustaining and enabling her to be a strong, loving and faithful mother. And white carnation, Reeves' favourite flower, became the Mothers' Day symbol. Mother's Day is a great time to spend with Mom. How can I forget? This is a wonderful day to "bury the hatchet" so, if the shoe fits, swallow your pride, pick up the phone and reconnect with that person that carried you for nine months, got up in the middle of the night to feed and change you, and when you fell and had an owie, she kissed it better. Whatever she does, her children come first. I suspect that some of you have special memories with regard to your mothers. One suffers from childhood trauma and both experienced trauma from watching close friends succumb to gun violence. As the child gets older and earn their rightful place in the Internet, mothers have to constantly pray that they do not do anything foolish.

The countdown to Mother's Day is on and many last-minute shoppers are scrambling to pick up the ideal gift for mom. I knew she was happy wherever she was. On a side note, My dad was an active duty service member for 23 years and now a merchant marine.

These working moms are still making less money than their male counterparts and 40 percent of working mothers say having a family has hindered their career advancement. I had a newfound respect for all she did for me every day.

A man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but his mother the longest. The Women's Storybook Project, which enables incarcerated mothers to read and record storybooks for the children they have had to leave behind, eagerly seeks donations to keep their project moving forward. She will drop anything for her kids and those she loves.

"I agree that she's a mom figure, she watches out for us, and she takes care of us".

So, on Mother's Day when pondering these questions take one further step and ask yourself: Do you think that mothers do the majority of the housework and child rearing out of the goodness of their hearts or because they absolutely love it? To every woman in my son's life, thank you for your nurturing, wisdom, and caring.

So it is entirely fitting to reflect on the vital role our mothers played, and play, in our lives, and to thank them.

My Mama Ging is a dialysis patient for seven years now. She is the best. As the years went on and the holiday became more commercialized, she argued that people were missing the point. Every single day is already a miracle for us.