Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Been Cancelled But The Show Could Live On

Posted May 12, 2018

This is a sad week for fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, as FOX has canceled the comedy series after five seasons.

SNL's Andy Samberg plays the lead character of Jake Peralta and his at first, tumultuous relationship with Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero) is a continuing sub plot throughout the show, including his conflict with Captain Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher).

As expected, Nine-Nine lovers came in swarms to express their discontent about the news, more so grieving the loss of a show that gave a voice to relative and diverse narratives. A report by The Hollywood Reporter states that companies such as Hulu, TBS, NBC and Netflix have expressed interest in buying the series. Sources also say there has been discussion about Kaitlin Olson comedy The Mick and possibly Will Forte's Last Man on Earth finding new homes elsewhere.

Up until the last minute, the show's stars were all hopeful that they would get a renewal for a sixth season, however their hopes have now been shattered by the confirmation of the show's cancellation.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine was Mike Schur's third major network comedy home run, which premiered on Fox after he had established himself as the premiere voice of basic-cable sitcoms with The Office and Parks and Recreation.

"RENEW BROOKLYN NINE NINE", wrote Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine would also be a great opportunity for Netflix. The network needs to make room for "Thursday Night Football", while figuring out where to move other shows. One of its rebirths, The Mindy Project, a previous victim of Fox, did well on Hulu after the streaming service took over. "NINE NINE! #Brooklyn99" while Joe Lo Truglia, who plays Charles, posted, "I'm so very lucky, so deeply thankful to have been part of a show that has brought so much joy to so many".

Seth Meyers labelled the cancellation a "gut punch" and Sean Astin also lamented the news, as fans around the world let their displeasure be known.