Boston Dynamics has a robot that can run free in nature

Posted May 12, 2018

Boston Dynamics shared a new video Thursday of its famous humanoid robot jogging across a lawn and up a hill. The robot's missing a head, but who cares?

The first 30-second video clip shows that Atlas humanoid can now not only take afternoon jog but skillfully overcomes obstacles in its way as well. The battery-powered robot uses hydraulic actuation and measures 1.5 meters in height (almost five feet tall) and weighs 75 kilograms (or 165 pounds).

Some of Boston Dynamics' robots were built for search and rescue operations, potentially navigating partially collapsed buildings or other unsafe environments without putting human first-responders at risk. The robot is back again. "Atlas' ability to balance while performing tasks allows it to work in a large volume while occupying only a small footprint", says the company on its website.

What are you expecting next from Boston Dynamics? It runs through a grassy field and even senses when it is approaching an object.

Boston Dynamics said the robot is manually driven through the space to build a map using visual data from front-facing camera.

Boston Dynamics continually amazes us with the feats of its robotic cohort.

The Boston Dynamics SpotMini can pick up objects with an arm.