Meghan Markle Gets A Wax Statue At Madam Tussauds

Posted May 11, 2018

Alexander McQueen famously designed Kate Middleton's royal wedding dress, so would Meghan Markle really get the team to do hers as well? The fortunate ones will be able to watch the arrivals of both the bride and groom, as well as other guests and members of the royal family.

Speaking about accompanying Harry and Meghan, he joked: "He might well give me a bit of abuse about my sword position or riding position but I think he'll be more excited by the fact he's pulled a cracker and will get to take her home".

Of course, the royal family will be present at the ceremony.

Meghan Markle only has a few days left before the royal wedding.

If however Prince Harry is present, not only will she not have to curtsy to the "blood princesses" as they are known, but they will actually have to curtsy to her as she will be assuming her husband Prince Harry's rank.

As highlighted in the TMZ article though, the bricks used to create Meghan's character are clearly much lighter in comparison to those used for her mother, Dorris Ragland, leading to a lot of disappointment among the general public. While Meghan's dad is confirmed to walk her down the aisle. Harry's brother Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton welcomed their third child last month.

As a part of special programming, TLC will also premiere TLC'S Royal Wedding Revealed on 25 May at 8 pm.

Wilby has also sourced two rare wines, named Elizabeth and Philip, which were first produced when the couple visited the wine estate during a royal visit, he told in a telephone interview. According to Mel B, the group has been invited to the ceremony.

Prince Harry may want Meghan's dress to be a complete surprise, but his grandmother the Queen will be given a sneak-peek before the big day.