Android P: 3 major features you should know about [I/O 2018]

Posted May 11, 2018

The tech giant has partnered with hardware manufacturers to help devices with older silicon get access to updates.

The assistant will be able to answer questions, like, "What service are you looking for?" or "What time are you looking for?"

But for non-Google devices running on Android, you'll eventually be able to use Android Auto wirelessly-so long as your device has Android P installed.

Making the competition in Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered assistants space tougher, Google on Tuesday announced that people will soon have a choice of choosing from six voices, including one of musician John Legend, to talk to "Google Assistant".

Android P, Google's next iteration of its mobile operating system, is getting quite a handful of new features, some of which are created to protect users, their data and their privacy. Go into the recent apps view, then press and hold the app icon above the preview card, now hit "split screen" button, and choose the other app you want to have sharing the screen.

What more do you expect from the Google I/O 2018 conference? Among the first will be the JBL Link Bar, which will feature an always-on Google Assistant. Well, the exact same feature is coming to Android P. Thanks, Apple! The public beta is now available for download on Pixel phones and also Android phones that are a part of Google's Project Treble. It's a pretty simple UI, with different options at the bottom for going home, navigation, music, phone and such.

Google also says that Lens now works in real time "just by pointing your camera". Users can also ask Assistant to read them text messages so they can concentrate more on driving and less on phone's screen. Google showed off the future of its assistant, and it's mind-blowing stuff. If you get chosen, Google will reach out to you.

Android TV is a platform with a lot of potential, but also one that needs a little TLC in order to bring users the best possible experience.

In addition to the Google Lens update, Google announced a feature that can make business calls for users, called "Duplex".