Brittle bone drug could unlock cure for baldness

Posted May 10, 2018

Sensing a possible answer to baldness, researchers from the University of Manchester's Centre for Dermatology Research made a decision to investigate by analyzing the drug's impact on gene expression. When the silencer is silenced, raucous hair growth occurs.

After some detective work, Dr Hawkshaw noted that a compound that was originally developed to treat osteoporosis, called WAY-316606, targets the same mechanism as CsA by specifically antagonising SFRP1.

The drug often has severe side-effects, the least serious of which is that it enhances cosmetically unwanted hair growth.

In their research, Hawkshaw and colleagues (in the lab of Professor Ralf Paus) looked at novel ways of promoting human hair growth with the aim of finding agents that are well-tolerated for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia. In the US, there are around 50 million men and 30 million women affected by hair loss, which United Kingdom -based researchers said could be the source of "psychological distress".

The researchers said clinical trials are needed to test the safety and effectiveness of this drug and similar compounds.

"Now, we have treatments that are available", she said.

At the moment, the only drugs treating the male pattern baldness are minoxidil and finasteride.

Now only two drugs, minoxidil and finasteride, are available for treatment of male-pattern balding (androgenetic alopecia), Xinhua reported citing researchers from the University of Manchester's Centre for Dermatology Research.

There are now two types of drugs aimed at treating male pattern baldness, minoxidil and finasteride, but neither are available on the NHS, and neither promise drastic results.

The study used the drug on human hair follicles donated from 40 patients undergoing hair transplant surgery.

"I've had patients who have had no hair on any part of their bodies for 10 years who now have all their hair back", she said of JAK inhibitors.

Baldness is the loss of hair from the head. Later, they detected that the WAY-316606 is better than other drugs for the hair growth stimulation. The researchers tested the compound on isolated hair follicles from a human scalp, and learned that it promoted hair growth without any noticeable side effects.