New Details of Nintendo's Online Service for Switch Surface

Posted May 09, 2018

Nintendo Switch owners will get to experience the 20 classic NES games in a new way when the Nintendo Switch Online service launches in September 2018.

It's A Meme, Mario! Another 10 titles, available at launch, will be announced later. Thankfully members of the Nintendo Switch Online service will have the growing library of NES titles, but a dedicated shop for other classic Nintendo games will continue to be in high demand.

However, while the Virtual Console moniker won't be returning, that doesn't necessarily mean that other classics can't appear on Switch in other forms. This will also allow users to access their save data from the cloud when they lose, break or purchase a new Nintendo Switch system. Online chat services will still be handled by the Nintendo Switch Online App, which probably isn't what many were hoping for. The full list of games isn't known yet, but Nintendo confirmed it will include Balloon Fight, Dr. Mario, Super Mario Bros. There will be some exceptions to this, not every game will require the online service to play online. The NES games also support voice chat through the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app. The online competitive play is there, but in the Legend of Zelda, for example, you can share your screen and have a friend take turns or help you out to play.

Nintendo confirmed the previously announced Nintendo Switch Online price of $19.99 per year. There's also a family membership plan that costs $34.99 for 12 months. In a statement to Kotaku, Nintendo said it has "no plans to bring classic games together under the Virtual Console banner as has been done on other Nintendo systems". Further details are now thin on the ground, though Nintendo says it'll be explaining more ahead of Switch Online's launch in September. For games that already feature multiplayer, that's going to simply add online functionality, but for single player games, it will implement a kind of online pass and play system.

Online multiplayer hasn't always been the best aspect of Nintendo's consoles, but with the Switch, there have been signs that things might change for the better.