Google AI to make phone calls for users

Posted May 09, 2018

If an Action offers a specific feature, Google is calling it a Slice.

Google introduced the third generation of its custom server chip for machine learning two years after revealing the first one to developers.

Other devices from third-party manufacturers that will be ready for the update are the Essential Phone, Nokia 7 Plus, Sony Xperia XZ2, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, Vivo X21 and the Oppo R15 Pro.

Google has also been criticized for spreading fake news and conspiracy theories online, and exacerbating over-use of smartphones. Smart text selection will let you point your phone at a restaurant menu or Wi-Fi password card and copy and paste the text it recognises. But it also wants to play up the social benefits of AI and how it's being used to improve health care, preserve the environment and make scientific discoveries. As pertains to Android P, that translates to a few new features: Dashboard, App Timer, and Wind Down. So consider carefully if it's worth downloading the software, given that some core features of your phone may not work depending on what release you have running on your device.

The company plans to start offering the Subscribe with Google feature "in coming weeks", he said.

Perhaps the biggest, and our personal favorite, change in Android P comes in the navigation.

"We realized that you don't always know exactly the thing you want to get the answer on", says Clay Bavor, Google's vice president of virtual and augmented reality told Wired. Google Assistant will also notify you once the order is placed.

Other slick new functionality for Google's AI includes the ability to ask multiple questions in a single phrase, the ability to differentiate conversation directed at Assistant or to others in a room, and even a feature to encourage kindness from young users called "Pretty Please".

Google's latest version of its Android phone software, for now known as Android P, will offer other smart features. The platform will let you set time limits on apps. Photos and Google Lens are slated for their significant updates very soon, too. Apps such as Youtube will show you the total time you're spending on youtube on phone as well as desktop and help you curtail the amount of time you spend on the app. The camera will open and cross-reference the image with Maps to give you visual directions. On the whole, Google News has got a major revamp this year. If you tap it, the suggested fix will be made instantly. You can also now long press places you are interested in to add it to a shareable shortlist that can be viewed by friends and family. Or, if you search for Hawaii, you'll see a shortcut to the Google Photos app with thumbnails of pictures you have taken.

Waymo, Alpahabet Inc's self-driving vehicle company, also made announcements during Google's Keynote.