Instagram to Soon Allow Direct Shopping and Payments Inside the App

Posted May 08, 2018

Additionally, the 2.18.51 update also adds further support for group chats, including the ability to add/revoke admin privileges from other users and active admins can edit the description, icon, and subject of an ongoing chat.

The feature is not yet now available on Android, and we can expect it to roll-out soon. Previously whenever an Instagram video link or a Facebook video link was shared on WhatsApp, it used to open in the respective applications.

Currently, a dinner reservation app named Resy is equipped with this new feature, where a user can book a table within the Instagram page of Resy. With the European General Data Protection Regulation coming into force on May 25, 2018, WhatsApp's compliance indicates that Facebook is serious about data privacy and regulation.

Meanwhile, Facebook Messenger would also receive some major changes including the AR camera effects.

With support for audio, video, images and whatnot, WhatsApp is shaping up to be a very powerful communications platform for users the world over. The app has been updated so that it can now play Facebook and Instagram videos itself without having to make the user jump between the separate app.

In the F-8 function, Zuckerberg announced that group video-calling will likely soon be introduced so on, wherever around 3 people may join the telephone the same time and watch each other in split screen mode.

It seems that Facebook is turning WhatsApp from a safe messaging app to just a general messaging app while taking away the security measures that its founders were so adamant on.

In-app payment method has become an important feature for Facebook-owned properties.

The WhatsApp founder Jan Koum left Facebook last week, confirming the speculations that the messaging app will now roll out ads. Also, the social networking giant revealed that the Oculus TV service, which would offer people VR content, would be launched soon. Instagram also claims that since the payment details are already stored in the new application, online shoppers can get a seamless experience and view the record history of the number of purchases made by them via the new tool. The native in-app payment feature combined with in-app purchases can, therefore, be more easily accessible and attractable for all the users.