Big Takeaways from Satya Nadella's Talk at Microsoft Build

Posted May 08, 2018

That should make it much more useful for industrial customers, since they won't be completely out of luck without an internet connection.

Under the drone partnership, DJI will use the Azure cloud computing service as a "preferred cloud provider" (it can still choose competing cloud companies like Google, example), and will create a software development kit that works with Windows 10. As expected, the company made announcements focusing on emerging tech like artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing and machine learning. It's open-sourcing the Azure IoT Edge runtime, and it's also bringing Azure Cognitive Services to IoT Edge, starting with Custom Vision. In addition to flight control, data transfer capabilities will also come to Windows 10, helping Microsoft shops make better use of drones in business. But it's nice to see that Microsoft is still actively developing on the Kinect platform.

Project Kinect for Azure brings back the Kinect camera, this time for software and AI developers. This can enable fully articulated hand tracking and high fidelity spatial mapping, enabling a new level of precision solutions.

AI models: Project Brainwave, the system for running AI models with specialized chips, is now available in preview mode on Azure.

Microsoft has been using Intel FPGAs to improve performance and efficiencies of Bing and Azure for the last few years.

The recently launched Timeline experience on Windows 10will also support Microsoft Edge browser users on iOS.

Cortana + Alexa: Microsoft demonstrates Cortana and Alexa running in tandem, the result of an integration agreement first announced previous year.

Microsoft is attaching the FPGAs right to its overall data center network, which allows them to become something akin to hardware microservices.

Previous year at Build Microsoft announced the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, new mixed reality headsets and controllers, and "Project Emma", a wearable for Parkinson's disease sufferers.