Scott Pruitt's Head of Security Resigns as Ethics Investigation Heats Up

Posted May 05, 2018

Millan Hupp is Pruitt's director of scheduling and advance and was in contact with Freedman last June about the trip. His link Mr. Pruitt's Morocco excursion was first recorded on the weekend in Le Desk, a light-hearted news outlet, also on Tuesday at The Washington Post.

Pruitt hired Kelly, an Oklahoma banker, at the EPA after federal banking regulators banned the man from banking for life. He said the ambassador, " Lalla Joumala, questioned him to raise the problem of natural gas when he was in Morocco.

"It appears that even before he was confirmed, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt had dreams of dismantling programs to protect air, water and kids from pollution from the comforts of an office in his hometown", said EWG President Ken Cook.

However, after Pruitt has been at the heart of a huge scandal in the United States of America, questioned about his lavish domestic travel and security costs, reports emerged giving details about Smotkin's involvement in EPA chief's trip to Morocco and suspicious activities there. However, people familiar with the arrangements told the Times that Smotkin organized several of Pruitt's meetings, including one with a phosphate mining company, OCP Group.

"EPA's Office of global and Tribal Affairs organized and led the effort around Administrator Pruitt's official meetings with the Moroccan government", EPA spokesman Jahan Wilcox said in a statement Tuesday, according to the Times.

The EPA told both publications that Smotkin "did not attend or participate in any official meetings with the Moroccan government". Now, The Washington Post reports the actual price tag was more than $100,000. The New York Times also reports the head of the highly conservative Federalist Society, Leonard Leo, planned Pruitt's separate trip to Italy last summer. In April, Smotkin won a $40,000-a-month contract, retroactive to January 1, with the Moroccan government to promote the kingdom's cultural and economic interests. Documents filed with the Department of Justice in April show that Smotkin's work with the Moroccan government began January 1 ― just weeks after Pruitt's visit. Amid the inquiries, Pruitt is setting up a legal defense fund. But, according to the letters, Jackson sent an email on January 31, 2017, to the EPA inquiring about a Tulsa office at the behest of Pruitt. Pruitt has drawn criticism for frequent trips home to Tulsa at taxpayer expense. "I'm hoping we would be able to stay on policy as much as we could, but I can see some just can't resist the limelight the opportunity to grandstand".

The high cost of the four-day trip has also attracted scrutiny.

Pruitt's official reason for visiting Morocco was to outline USA environmental priorities for a bilateral trade agreement and to go over "the potential benefit of liquified natural gas imports on Morocco's economy".