Google Developing Social Gaming Startup Called 'Arcade'

Posted May 04, 2018

Internet search giant Google has reportedly been working on a new social gaming startup called "Arcade" quietly.

What's making headlines now is the confirmation from the company about a new startup, dubbed Arcade. It is not designed to be connected to any existing social network and apparently users will simply need to create an account with their phone numbers.

A Google spokesperson confirmed the existence of Arcade and was quoted by Hindustan Times as saying that it was 'focused on mobile gaming with friends.' He did not elaborate on the specifics of the product but said that the experiment is still at an early stage. The 21-year-old joined Facebook as an intern when he was 17 and left the social networking giant to join Google just last year. Developed by Intermedia Labs, HQ Trivia is now one of the most popular live social trivia mobile games.

Arcade is expected to release its first game sometime later in the year.

This upcoming game sounds a lot like HQ Trivia, as pointed out by The Verge. The effort is part of Area 120, a division where select employees can work on small startups that live inside Google. "It's a very early experiment so there aren't many details to share right now", the spokesperson added.

Sayman, who joined Google back in August, was originally a product manager for the Google Assistant team. Additionally, Sayman will get a budget to create his own startup - complete with marketing, staff, design, and finance - and possibly make it Google's next major product. By only requiring a mobile number to play one of its games, Arcade may allay privacy concerns following this year's revelations that Facebook shared the personal data of its users with third-party apps. Startups within Area 120 would have the possibility of either being integrated with Google, or being closed down if the potential fails to materialize.