.app arrives, Google's alternative to .com for apps with mandatory HTTPS

Posted May 04, 2018

You can secure your domain name now, a week before the store is open for general sale.

Most importantly, it is about the security that's built-in for both users and developers.

According to the company, having a memorable.app domain name makes it easy for users to find and learn about your apps. We created the.app TLD specifically for apps and app developers, with added security to help you showcase your apps to the world.

The new top-level domain (TLD) is an obvious choice for app developers and others in the tech industry, as it serves as an easy-to-remember alternative to.com domains - where inventory has always been running low for popular words. Sites that use Transport Layer Security (TLS) or Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) are given a slight boost in ... Additionally, "no individual HSTS registration or configuration" is required, according to the .app website. It will also enable your.app domain to accept credit card payments if that is part of your financial strategy.

Google sees the new domain as another avenue for iOS and Android developers to promote their apps beyond the confines of app stores, which can be used as a landing page to share download links, keep users up to date, and deep link to in-app content.

TLD supports Google's push to make HTTPS the default on the web, which it accelerated after former NSA contractor Edward Snowden revealed PRISM and other government surveillance programs.

From May 8, .app domains will be available to the public through any registrar.

The requirement that all.app domains be secured is a first for any domain. As such, it's highly recommended that you visit get.app to order yours now.