Shaquem Griffin Becomes The NFL's First One-Handed Player

Posted May 02, 2018

Shaquem Griffin became the first one-handed player ever to be selected in the National Football League draft on Saturday, joining his twin brother Shaquill at the Seattle Seahawks.

The linebacker had his left hand amputated when he was four, having been born with a condition that prevented the fingers from fully developing. I knew I wasn't going to be a first-round pick or anything like that. "I'm going to contribute the best way possible".

Shaquem Griffin was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. His twin brother, Shaquill, recognized the 425 area code that flashed on the screen and started charging after his brother.

I don't know if I agree that Shaquem should have been drafted in the first round, but he certainly should have been taken ahead of Callaway - hands down!.

Shaquill said he lobbied for the Seattle coaching staff to pick his twin in this year's draft, saying he "kept his name fresh in that building". "He wasn't really looking at the phone anymore, I wasn't looking for it". "They [the brothers] own this extraordinary connection that I think also is a demonstration of love and heart and all of the cool things about what they represent", he said, cited by ESPN. I just anxious that feeling was based more on emotion than the cold, hard business decisions that the best franchises make.

But missed tackle stats, Schneider said, showed that Griffin "doesn't miss any more tackles than (other) linebackers in this draft".

"It was really like a dream". "Magical stuff started happening". "It's unexplainable. The emotions, everything that was going through my mind".

Shaquem Griffin didn't let having one hand stop him from playing football. He won the Defensive Player of the Year award in the American Athletic Conference in 2016 after registering 12 sacks. He also served as a team captain for last season's 13-0 team. "It was tough - I'm not going to lie to you - seeing all those guys picked in front of me".

Griffin said all he has ever asked for is a chance to show what he can do. His ability has been questioned at every level, but Shaquem continued to prove the doubters wrong.

"I literally went to use the restroom and that's when my brother busted in and tackled me".